How hiring locally can help your community

Community is the cornerstone of the society in which we live. But in today’s technological world where we have become so connected online, we seem to be forgetting the value of a local human connection.


As an NDIS participant or representative, you may be used to hiring or managing various providers to meet your everyday needs and in turn, your goals. But have you ever thought whether the person or organisation whose services you are using are actually benefiting your wider community? 


Whether you live in a big city or a tiny rural or remote town, there are several ways you can make your dollars count towards strengthening your local economy and even your personal and business relationships.


Director of Independent Support Management, Zachary Dexter, says this drive to strengthen connections in communities of all sizes and demographics was a key focus for ISM. 


“Not only does it keep the money in the local economy by the creation of jobs and ongoing business, it also helps business owners form close relationships with customers and other service providers,” Mr Dexter said.


“When ISM was opened, we wanted to make sure we were supporting the local people of Bundaberg and the surrounding areas to boost their economy and their capacity at the same time,”


“Our Plan Managed clients are benefiting from our services, which in turn sees their community grow in many ways.”


How can I help support local businesses through the NDIS? 

There are many ways your choice can make a difference, even in the smallest way. 


Do you have a garden with a lawn that keeps getting out of hand? You could hire a gardener from a large company. Alternatively you could hire a friend, a self-employed contractor, or local business or organisation to do the gardening for you –– the same goes for household chores, cleaning, laundry and even cooking (if it is deemed reasonable and necessary).

A friend who is in-between jobs or a sole trader can be hired by you to complete these daily tasks. If you are self-managed you can directly employ these types of providers, and more.


Signing up for services which keeps local providers from your town or city employed, or even sees them start their own business, is the best way to keep money and talented service providers in the community.


A self-employed contractor doesn’t have to be registered with the NDIS, however it is recommended they have an ABN, any relevant qualifications, insurance and have completed appropriate safety checks. 


Curious about how ISM can help you support others in your community? 

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