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ISM is a Registered NDIS Provider

NDIS Plan Management

What is NDIS plan management?

A Plan Manager oversees your NDIS budget by tracking how your funding is spent. Our Plan Managers will have direct access to your budgets, will pay providers on your behalf and process your claims. ISM’s Plan Managers will provide you with monthly budget statements, while taking care of your reporting and paperwork requirements.

ISM’s Plan Managers boost your freedom by taking the stress and uncertainty out of managing your NDIS budget.

ISM’s Plan Managers have a deep knowledge of the NDIS. Combined with their strong NDIA relationships, they can help build your capacity to select and connect with providers and services which suit your needs.

Plan Managers are funded by your NDIS plan. Your ISM Plan Manager is a Registered NDIS Provider. We recommend speaking to your NDIS/Local Area Coordinator planner or talk to one of ISM’s NDIS Plan Managers to find out more.

What’s special about ISM’s plan management?

Truly independent

Honest services, independently owned and operated with no ties to corporations.

Financial experts

Highly experienced in NDIS funding procedures, budget management and bookkeeping services.

Knowledge of the NDIS

Three years in the industry helping NDIS participants reach their personal goals.

Strong NDIS connections

ISM have fortified links and relationships in the community, including working with many stakeholders to assist participant’s journey to independence.

Australia-wide access (including rural and remote)

ISM has the capacity to offer services to participants across Australia completely online from our virtual offices, or in-person at our head office in Bundaberg, Queensland.

ISM Plan Management pricing

Establishment Fee
MMM1-5 (non-remote) – $227.53
MMM6 – (remote) $318.54
MMM7 – (very remote) $341.30

Monthly Processing Fee
MMM1-5 (non-remote) – $102.28
MMM6 – (remote) $143.19
MMM7 – (very remote) $153.42

Monthly Budgeting and Financial Capacity Building Subscription Fee*
MMM1-5 (non-remote) – $39.99
MMM6 – (remote) $59.99
MMM7 – (very remote) $64.99

*Monthly subscription services only available to ISM Plan Management customers.

Price Guides and Information

Monash Modified Model (MMM) Locator

What is the Modified Monash Model and why is it important?

To get in contact with a team member from Plan Management please email

Registered NDIS Provider

Independent Support Management (ISM) is a Registered NDIS Provider

Plan management is one of the three ‘ways to pay’ for your NDIS supports.

Plan Managed with ISM

ISM’s Budgeting and Financial Capacity Building Subscription

  • Make purchases via online retailers such as eBay
  • Unlimited, free 30 minute financial training sessions
  • Monthly in-depth reports and statements to track your spending
  • Manage your invoices and make sure your providers are paid within 5 days
  • Independent advice and expertise throughout every step of your NDIS journey
  • Plan Managers who work with you to achieve your goals
  • Allow you to use registered and non-registered providers
  • Help to make sure all your service agreements are in place
  • Paperwork securely kept for you in case of NDIS audit
  • Advice for your service providers on how to invoice and work under the NDIS
  • Flexibility and control of self-management without the time or expertise commitment

Self Managed NDIS

  • Allow you to use registered and non-registered providers
  • Freedom to make your own decisions
  • Track your own budgets and spending
  • Manage your own invoices and payments to providers
  • Navigate the NDIS and providers without years of experience and connections
  • Significant time commitment to manage your NDIS


  • Use only registered providers
  • Large government bureaucracy
  • Government call centres
  • NDIA manages your paperwork and finance reporting requirements
  • NDIA has direct access to pay your registered providers
  • Use Myplace Portal tool to keep track of your budget

I struggle a lot with trusting and connecting to people, however Zac and the team at ISM have helped me every step of the way to maximise the benefits that I gain from mine and my children’s NDIS plans. Now I wouldn’t let anyone else provide this service to us.

A proud mother (Anonymous)

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