ISM’s Therapy Centre provides a comprehensive suite of Counselling Services designed to support individuals, families, and groups navigate various life challenges.

What is Counselling?

Our services offer a safe and confidential space where clients can express their feelings, thoughts, and fears with trained professionals who listen empathetically and provide valuable insights and guidance.

We offer Personalised Counselling, which is tailored to the specific needs and goals of the individual.

This can include stress management, anxiety and depression, self-esteem issues, grief and loss, and relationship difficulties. Counselling provides a supportive environment to explore these issues and develop coping strategies, fostering improved mental health and well-being. We also offer Family Counselling services, which aim to enhance communication and resolve conflicts within family units.

These can be particularly helpful for individuals dealing with similar issues, such as grief, addiction, or chronic illness. 

Who Would Benefit From Counselling?

Group counselling offers a supportive community where members can share experiences, learn from each other, and develop social skills.

These services benefit families dealing with various challenges such as behavioural issues in children, marital difficulties, blended family concerns, or dealing with a significant life change like illness or loss. In addition to individual and family counselling, we offer Group Counselling sessions. 

Our counsellors utilise a range of Therapeutic Counselling Techniques, including cognitive-behavioural therapy, mindfulness-based therapy, solution-focused therapy, and more. The specific techniques used are dependent on the client’s unique needs and the nature of their concerns.

Benefits of Receiving Counselling.

For instance, a client dealing with anxiety might benefit from cognitive-behavioural therapy, where they learn to identify and challenge negative thought patterns and develop healthier responses to stress. Another client facing relationship difficulties might find solution-focused therapy helpful, focusing on finding solutions and envisioning a preferred future rather than dwelling on past problems. The benefits of counselling are vast and varied, ranging from improved mental health, better self-understanding, better stress management, improved relationships, and enhanced life satisfaction. By Overcoming Emotional Challenges with the help of our counselling services, clients can find the strength and resilience to navigate life’s hurdles more effectively.



Chamil is a dedicated mental health practitioner with a master’s in counselling and diverse therapy qualifications including clinical hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, health and nutrition coaching, weight loss consulting, meditation and neurofeedback. Chamil excels in assessing clients, creating tailored treatment plans, and monitoring progress. His empathetic, non-judgmental approach has contributed to significant client improvements. Chamil is also an active member of professional bodies such as the Australian Counselling Association.

We aim to make life even easier with our

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