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About Us

Independent Support Management (ISM) is based in Bundaberg, Rockhampton, and Brisbane providing support coordination services for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Our founders and staff recognise that participants have an overwhelming need to become empowered through their NDIS plans. ISM will strive to work alongside our people to achieve their goals and inspire their personal independence as the outcome to our service.

Our founders and staff have experience in areas of psychology, disability, mental health, finance, and business. Working together they have developed an approach to provide developmentally-appropriate guidance for the coordination of NDIS participant’s funds. Using person-focused technology, our approach tracks independence and quality during your journey with us.

Our team looks forward to answering any enquires you have about your NDIS plan.

ISM Founders

Mandy Dexter – Managing Director

Mandy is a Registered Psychologist who has owned and operated a private practice for over 15 years and has extensive skills working with children and adults who experience development difficulties and disabilities. Mandy is passionate about ensuring children and adults have access to appropriate services for their funding options, and she is wanting to provide a space to assist people to overcome their fears of the new NDIS system. Mandy is excited about the NDIS roll-out in Queensland and believes the system is inclusive, innovative and in line with the current Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities under the United Nations. She is also thrilled to be involved in this world-first approach.

Zachary Dexter - Executive Director

Zachary is a young business owner who has taken inspiration from a diverse working background and uses his extensive management experience to guide his work operations and offer exceptional service to his customers. Zach has experience in culture management and change initiatives within large financial institutions, he has completed formal studies in business management and is undertaking social entrepreneurial ventures.


Our Plan Management Team is based in Queensland and services all areas in QLD, NSW, and SA. The Team is available full-time and has experience in bookkeeping, accounting, financial lending and are certified by Charter Professional Accountants Australia.

Our Directors service all NDIS areas that wish to utilise our unique evidence-based approach to coordination of NDIS funds which we are the only qualified service in QLD that offers it.

ISM Vision

ISM, supporting NDIS participants to independence.

ISM Mission

To be a leader of innovation in the NDIS marketplace; bringing participants, providers and communities together to achieve greater independence through dynamic provisions and blockchain technology.

ISM Purpose Statement

To work with NDIS participants on their journey to independence and help see their goals to fruition.

ISM Values

We embrace diversity and the needs of all stakeholders. We believe our successes and the challenges overcome will create positive change. We encourage fun, openness, and the well-being of stakeholders.

ISM Strategy

ISM promote choice, flexibility, care, and creativity to support participant empowerment and self-determination.

Core Methodologies

ISM has a strong focus on a culture that embodies participant-centred, strength-based, recovery-oriented approaches.

Comments & Complaints

Your feedback is important to us. Comments and complaints are welcome. Visit the contact page to submit an enquiry.

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